Our storefront is closed as of: December 23rd 2021.

Our Story

The Boombox Bakeshop is the brain child of Alexandra Connon.


The Boombox Bakeshop is a veg-friendly bakery and cafe that specializes in award winning vegan and gluten-free baked goods. Our specialties include cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cookie sandwiches, flakies, Nanaimo bars, and tarts. More importantly, we are a grassroots and community-oriented business that works with various local charities, businesses, and sports teams. All are welcome. LGBTQ+ ally. Visit us for some sweets, locally brewed coffee, and music. Eat local. Listen local. Shop local. Boom!


About Alexandra


A self proclaimed urban gypsy, Alexandra has moved constantly for the past 10 years and needed something to keep her anchored within a community. With a love for baking and a passion for music, the inspiration for the bakery was formed. At an early age, Alexandra was taught how to bake and cook by her late father Fred, who also had a passion for all things culinary. Over many years, Fred taught Alexandra many skills - from baking the perfect pie crust to making the perfect icing.

Alexandra’s father had always wanted to open a culinary establishment, but was sadly unable to do so. Alexandra built on her father’s dream and opened her very own bakeshop. With the love and support of her family and friends, The Boombox Bakeshop was born.