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Cupcake Menu

Vanilla Based Flavours

White Walls
double vanilla

The Classic Cadillac of cupcakes! Our vanilla cupcake topped with our signature vanilla icing

Sweater Weather
vanilla maple

An ode to Canada. Our vanilla cupcake drizzled in Canadian maple syrup, and topped with maple icing. 

Slam Dunk Da Funk

A dunkaroo inspired cupcake. Get funky and dunky with this vanilla, caramel, dunkaroo inspired cupcake topped with a gingersnap. 

White Rabbit
vanilla coconut

this cupcake will make you coconut lovers really hoppy! a vanilla cupcake filled with coconut cream, topped with coconut frosting and covered in shredded coconut! 


Cloud Nine 

a delicious sweet and salty combo! our vanilla cupcake topped with marshmallow and peanut butter swirl frosting

(contains nuts)


Ice Cream Man
ice cream sundae

our vanilla cupcake with chocolate and vanilla swirl frosting, drizzled with chocolate ganache and a cherry on top! don't worry, we won't forget the sprinkles


That's Amore


Tiramisu in bite size form! Our vanilla cupcake with espresso/cream cheese icing- you won't regret this choice if you're a coffee lover!


Peanut Butter Jelly Time
peanut butter jelly


Our classic vanilla cupcake with a raspberry jam filling topped with our signature peanut butter icing!


No Bananas In The Sky
banana cream pie

A twist on our classic vanilla cupcake, with a banana filling and marshmallow icing topping. We also add streusel topping for that extra boost of deliciousness!


Champagne Problems
sparkling wine

got champagne problems? let us help you with our vanilla cupcake topped with glittery and bubbly sparkling wine frosting. cheers!!

raspberry marshmallow

When you love the flavour of raspberry but without the tangy after taste. Our raspberry marshmallow cupcake is the one for you!

Electric Love
sour cherry

Our classic vanilla cupcake with a twist of sour cherry on top, just to keep you on your toes!

Cotton Candy Land
cotton candy

the sweetest place on earth - cotton candy land! our vanilla cupcake iced with a swirled cotton candy frosting

It's My Birthday
confetti birthday cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! this cupcake will be a party in your mouth. a vanilla sprinkle cake topped with a confetti cake batter frosting and more sprinkles!

Livin' La Vida Loca
caramel churro

our vanilla cupcake filled with caramel and topped with our cinnamon sugar frosting

Dirty Pop
rice crispy

Our classic vanilla cupcake, topped with a marshmallow cloud of icing- and delicious rice crispy cereal treats!

I'm Shipping Up To Boston
boston cream

a vanilla cupcake filled with delicious custard and topped with vanilla frosting and a rich ganache

Dough Boy
cookie dough

a vanilla cupcake stuffed with cookie dough, topped with cookie dough frosting and cookie crumble - an ode to Fred

Java Jive
caramel macchiato

a vanilla cupcake filled with caramel, topped with our Boombox espresso frosting and drizzled with salted caramel

I Want Candy
fuzzy peach

a vanilla cupcake topped with lip puckering peach frosting, and of course a fuzzy peach!

Vanilla Twilight
vanilla chai

bask in the spicy flavours of chai frosting on top of a vanilla cupcake - you will not be able to get enough of this cupcake

Butterscotch Castle
butterscotch vanilla

our vanilla cupcake topped with delicious butterscotch frosting and a hard caramel candy

I'm Blue
blue raspberry

Our delicious vanilla cupcake with blue raspberry icing, topped with blue raspberry sour candy! I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa!

Chew Chew Chew

a vanilla cupcake topped with pink bubblegum frosting and a piece of big league chew!

Little Green Apples
caramel candy apple

our delicious vanilla cupcake topped with sour green apple frosting and drizzled with our house made caramel sauce

Strawberry Fields
strawberry vanilla

a luscious vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry filling and topped with our strawberry frosting

Tea For One
earl grey

earl grey is one of the most recognized teas in the world. our vanilla cupcake with strawberry filling iced with earl grey icing and topped with toast crumbs


Suit & Tie
vanilla with chocolate


The best of both worlds- our vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing, for those who can't choose between two classic favourites!

Sunshine Of Your Love
orange creamsicle

the perfect mixture of oranges and vanilla cream. a vanilla cupcake topped with creamy orange frosting


If You Like Pina Colada
pina colada

feeling like a vacation? our vanilla cupcake topped with coconut pineapple frosting, garnished with a cherry and a candied pineapple on top




Chocolate Based Flavours


Marshmallow World
marshmallow galaxy

our chocolate cupcake topped with out of this world swirled galaxy frosting and garnished with glitter and stars


Sweet Surrender
double chocolate

our chocolate cupcake topped with a delectably pure chocolate buttercream that will leave you surrendering to its yummy-ness


Ain’t No Mountain
black and white

a chocolate mountain of a cupcake with peaks of delicious vanilla frosting. there will be nothing keeping you from this cupcake!

Spice World
chocolate chai

spice up your life with this chocolate cupcake topped with freshly brewed chai tea frosting

Sweet Emotion
chocolate salted caramel

our chocolate cupcake topped with salted caramel frosting, drizzled with house made salted caramel and chocolate chips. this will satisfy any emotions that you are having

Float On
root beer chocolate float

brown cow inspired cupcake. a root beer frosting floating on top of a chocolate cupcake

Mint Condition
mint chocolate chip

this cupcake will have you feeling mint condition. a chocolate cupcake topped with a refreshing minty frosting

Hazelnut Moon (*contains nuts)
hazelnut chocolate

our chocolate cupcake iced with a nutty hazelnut frosting

I Like Peanut Butter (*contains nuts)
chocolate peanut butter

who doesn't like peanut butter?! our chocolate cupcake topped with our decadent peanut butter frosting

Into The Forest
black forest

search the forest no more! this is our take on the classic German black forest cake. our chocolate cupcake filled with cherries then topped with vanilla frosting, chocolate shavings, and a cherry!

No Strings Attached
chocolate cheesecake

our chocolate cupcake topped with creamy cheesecake frosting - full of indulgence, without the commitment!


chocolate coconut

our chocolate cupcake filled with coconut filling and topped with coconut frosting... you'll have a bounty out for it

Happy Together

Everyone loves the deletable tastes of turtles chocolate- now in bite size, vegan form! Our delicious chocolate cupcake with caramel filling and butterscotch icing!

Mississippi Mud
mudslide irish cream

Our chocolate cupcake, topped with Irish cream frosting and a rich chocolate ganache

A-Camping We Will Go

a campfire favourite - our chocolate cupcake topped with marshmallow frosting, graham crumbs and chocolate chips

Cherry Poppin'
black cherry

A tangy black cherry icing on top of our classic chocolate cupcake to add a little cherry blast in your life!

Crazy In Love
chocolate raspberry

there is no better combination than chocolate and raspberry! you will be in love with our famous chocolate cupcake topped with tangy raspberry frosting

Viva La Vida
viva la puff

Our classic chocolate cupcakes, with a raspberry filling, topped with our classic vegan marshmallow icing- best of both worlds!

One More Cup of Coffee
chocolate espresso

sometimes you just need one more cup of coffee. why not have it in a cupcake? our chocolate cupcake with an espresso frosting will give you the shot of energy you need to get you through your day

C is for Cookie
cookies and cream

just like Cookie Monster, you will love this chocolate cupcake covered in cookies and cream frosting!


Citrus Based Flavours


Approaching Lavender
lemon lavender

a sweet lavender frosting that will make you smile like flowers in the rain on top of a golden lemon cupcake


Good Vibrations
lemon coconut

our lemon cupcake filled with coconut cream, topped with coconut frosting and covered in shredded coconut. it's sure to give you good vibrations

strawberry lime margarita

drink up buttercup! a zesty lime cupcake topped with strawberry lime frosting and a pinch of coarse salt to wake up those taste buds!


Pucker Up Princess
raspberry lemonade

want summer in cake form? check out this lemon cupcake filled with raspberry filling and topped with raspberry lemonade frosting


When Life Gives You Lemons
triple lemon

make triple lemon cupcakes! Our lemon cupcake filled with vegan lemon curd topped with lemon frosting. One of our biggest hits! 



Blueberry Hill
lemon blueberry

the perfect match - a super lemony cupcake filled with blueberries and topped with a blueberry frosting

Grapefruit Moon
lemon grapefruit

our lemon cupcake topped with a beautiful ruby red grapefruit frosting

Watermelon Dream
watermelon lemonade


our lemon cupcake topped with our tangy watermelon frosting

key lime pie

that's where we want to go, way down in Kokomo! our lime cupcake filled with custard and iced with tangy key lime frosting, graham crumbs, and lime zest


Pink Cadillac
pink lemonade

a lemon cupcake topped with delicious tangy pink lemonade frosting


cranberry lemon

our lemon cupcake topped with tangy cranberry frosting, craisins, and cream cheese drizzle


lime, blue raspberry, and cherry!


Our tangy lime cupcake topped with the classically known flavours of the rocketpop popsicle!



Signature Flavours

Cherry Bomb (*contains nuts)
cherry chip

our take on a childhood favourite cake mix! sweet maraschino cherry cupcake topped with a cherry chip frosting bursting with cherry goodness, and we didn't forget the cherry on top!

London Calling
bourbon tolpuddle porter

our chocolate cupcake made with London Brewing Co-Op's Tolpuddle Porter beer, topped with bourbon frosting, pretzels and salted caramel drizzle. a true OEV inspired treat

A Little Less Conversation
red velvet

our moist red velvet cupcake topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting

Velvet Underground
red velvet cookies and cream

red velvet isn't a real thing - but we made it a thing! red velvety cake topped with cookies 'n cream frosting

What’s Your Flava?

do you like neapolitan ice cream? well then this is your flavour! a chocolate and vanilla cupcake, topped with strawberry frosting and the cutest ice cream cone sprinkles!

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
cinnamon french toast

breakfast in a cupcake! a cinnamon cupcake topped with streusel, maple frosting, and blueberries, hitting all your major sugar food groups

Road To Glory
joe louis inspired

Our red velvet cupcake, covered in marshmallow and dipped in chocolate- based off of the well known delightful cake treat joe louis!


24 Karat Gold
carrot cake

a moist carrot cupcake topped with a Canadian maple frosting

Doin' The Banana Splits
banana split

our banana cupcake with vanilla icing, drizzled with chocolate sauce and a cherry on top

Viva Las Vegas
banana peanut butter

our delicious banana cupcake topped with velvety peanut butter frosting and chocolate drizzle! this one our ode to Elvis! viva, viva Las Vegas!

Summer of '69
banana caramel

We were requested to make this flavour by the legend himself, Bryan Adams, so of course we had to make it part of our menu. A delicious banana cupcake, with the perfect topping of caramel icing!

Apple Of My Eye
spiced apple salted caramel

a definite crowd pleaser! a spiced apple cupcake topped with a salted caramel frosting and drizzle


Afternoon Delight
strawberries & cream

Our take on a classic favourite, a strawberry cupcake with our buttercream/strawberry icing!

Diamonds and Gold
traditional carrot cake

a moist carrot cupcake topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting


Seasonal Flavours



Read My Lips
hot lips (valentines day)

spice up your life with this cupcake! a vanilla cupcake topped with spicy cinnamon frosting and a puckering hot lip


Egg Man
cream egg

A Spring classic turned cupcake- a classic chocolate cupcake, with a vanilla custard filling- vanilla icing and dipped in our delicious chocolate!

Suga Suga
sugar cookie

We took a holiday classic and added our own special twist, a sugar cookie cupcake- who would've guessed?? Yes it is as delicious as you think it is.

Harvest Moon
pumpkin s'more

our decadent pumpkin cupcake topped with our marshmallow frosting, graham crumbs, and rich chocolate ganache


Wake Me Up When September Ends
pumpkin spiced latte

a pumpkin spiced cupcake topped with our Boombox espresso frosting and a salted caramel drizzle

This is Halloween (Halloween only)
candy corn

a vanilla cupcake topped with triple swirled candy corn frosting!

Baby It's Cold Outside (Christmas only)
gingerbread latte

catch this gingerbread latte cupcake while you can! a spiced gingerbread cupcake topped with our Boombox espresso frosting and little tiny gingerbread men

Feliz Navidad (Christmas only)
spicy hot chocolate

this spicy cupcake will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside on a cold winters day. a chocolate cupcake topped with a spiced cinnamon frosting and a mini marshmallow

Merry "Terry" Christmas (Christmas only)
chocolate orange

a chocolate cupcake topped with zesty orange chocolate frosting and a chocolate covered orange peel


Peppermint Winter (Christmas only)
chocolate candy cane

A Christmas necessity, this chocolate cupcake is topped with a peppermint frosting and crushed candy canes

Peace on Earth (Christmas only)

our vanilla cupcake topped with creamy eggnog frosting and a sprinkling of nutmeg sugar - it's Christmas in a cupcake